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Chief Secretary for Ad▓ministration Matthew Cheung Kin-chung said at the Legislative C

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    and cooperation in agricultural trade and e-commerce, and pledged to

    strengthen mutua▓lly beneficial cooperation in such sectors as next-generation automobile, hi-tech medical equipment, new energy, energy-saving vehicles and rubber.In the statement, the two ▓sides agreed to boost bilateral cooperation between China's Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Thaila▓nd's Eastern Economic

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    Corridor (EEC), so as to increase connectivity between the two area

    s and beyond.The two sid▓es also pledged to strengthen financial cooperation, expan▓d the use of their currencies in trade and investmen▓t, and enhance collaboration on cross-border supervisio▓n.On tourism cooperation, they said they are satisfied with the growing numbers of tourists between the two▓ countries. The leaders of t

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    rward cooperation in the tourism sector and further increase two-way movement of people.As for cooperation on innovation, both sides ▓agreed that it is a highlight in the BRI cooperatio▓n.The two sides vowed to push forward projects on comm▓unications technology, open innovation centers, high-tech industrial parks and technolog

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    mart cities and other fields. They agreed to jointly build a Digital Silk Road.In a bid to promote their economic and social prosperity and sustainable development, China a▓nd Thailand agreed to further expand cooperation in ▓science, technology and innovation through joint res▓earch and development programs, researcher excha

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ation c▓ooperation, and agreed to strengthen education cooperation at all levels and in all fields through such efforts as joint education, special exchanges, academic exchanges and distance learning.The two countries also pledged to▓ strive for concrete outcomes in bilateral cultural exchanges, and agreed to jointly organize cultural events next year to celebrate the 45th anniversary ▓of the establishment of their diplomatic ties.What's 

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more, China and Thailand, the statement said, agreed to i▓ncrease cooperatio

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n and coordination in such platforms as the United Nations (UN), Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and the Asia-Europe Meeting, and safeguard the purposes and principles of the UN Charter.China and T▓hailand also pledged to work together to safeguard the rules-based multilateral trade system, and join▓tly make economic globalization more open, inclusive, bala▓nced and beneficial to all.The two sides said they are▓ satisfied with the strong,

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stable and reciprocal relations between China and the Association of So

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utheast Asian Nations (ASEAN).China and Thailand will make more efforts to maintain the vitality of the China-ASEAN s▓trategic partnership and make the partnership a key p▓illar of peace, stability, prosperity and sustainabl▓e development in the region, the statement said.The two co▓untries also said they support relevant parties to▓ fully and effectively implement the Declaration on t▓he Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea, calling f

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▓or more practical cooperation in such field as marine env▓ironment prot

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ection to make the South China Sea a sea▓ of peace, stability and prosperity.As for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), both count▓ries welcomed the conclusion of the text-based nego▓tiations of the RCEP agreement by relevant parties an▓d pledged to work together to resolve the outstandi▓ng issues so as to sign the agreement in 2020, according▓ to the statement.In his four-day stay in Thailand, the Chinese premier also a

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